Thursday, 29 September 2011

not holiday yet.

Hey i missed the noisy situation, i missed the air here, yes the situation that i never can feel when myself in Arau, far away 500km from KL. Yesterday i just get back to my home after around 8 hours sit straight in the dull bus, when i arrived, people around here, i mean my neighbour greeted me and asked me ' dah cuti ke? ' - not yet, i still have a paper to answer on 9 oct but seriously no mood to do that for now, maybe later. First day in my house, nothing to do, just stay in my room and online, watching movie, and read as much article about world nowadays, sometimes we should know right about what happening around us. 2.31 am my digital clock in my desktop but im still here, not feel sleepy yet, imsomnia? or i just can't sleep, my biology clock was changed, when i was in school i sleep around 11 and wake up back around 6 in the morning, but now sadly, i often sleep around 3-4 a.m and wake up back after lunch time, sometimes i wake up around 3 pm, i can feel a lot of things changed in my life, my friends, myself, and also situation surround me.

I don't have any plan for tomorrow, but just now one of my friends asked me to go out, maybe wangsa walk or ou, i dont know yet, boredom enough in my place and doing nothing? it's not my style, i should find some fun outside, yet, another thing that i know about padini sales at Glenmarie, 30 sept - 1 oct, i should go or not? as usual, when we in this stage, i mean before sem's break, not much money left in my pocket, what to do? maybe i should find a job ? a temporary job for me, anyone who get any job, can invite me to do as i'm free, and do nothing in my house, go to friend's house? for what? syawal just ended today, and now we in Zulkaedah, a month to go before raya korban. arghh, better i should continue watching some movies in my laptop? boring is a diary in my life, and its comes occasionally, my finger just type what my head's voice said, what they told i just push it through the keyboard and translate them to the words that u read right now. what should i do now? what should i do? tell me now...

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