Thursday, 29 September 2011

29 September.

This article is related with the hashtag that trending in twitter #kalipertama, yes, lets start now. i just remembered when people know that ilove korean song, in fact, when i was in 1st Semester , people calling me as 'mamat korea' , i dont know why, people always though that when we listen song from korea, they will said that we love kpop, actually i don't like kpop, almost korean song that i listened isn't kpop, other genre from that, most of 'em is romantic song and the song that can make i rest my mind, most of the korean song that i listen to is from film or drama soundtrack, and also the songs from taeyang or bigbang, i don't know i love his style. not that noisy kpop, beat like techno, yes! i do listen to genre like that, but i listen to Armin Van Buuren's song, dj tiesto and a lot more djs. today when kpop became phenomenon in our country, i don't know why the ladies that love kpop can be what we can see today, they obses to kpop very much, like nothing else they can love, #kalipertama 1st time i watched k-drama when i was 11, Winter Sonata, around 2005, then i watched Sassy-girl, chunyang, yes the movie is teach us how to be a romantic person, as i'm bored with the malay's drama that shown on the tv screen, most of the malay's drama told about the same thing, have a same storyline, and we can expect what will happen after like we're the director of the dramas, typical malay's drama will show about corporate malay's life, family life, rempit, bohsia, and the famous genre surely about ghost, and others 'bomoh's stuff. what we can expect more in this industry? they really just want to make a bunch of money without thinking that what we wanted? what should we do? i'm tired to see a lof of junk movies around me.

p/s: beautifuul song.


  1. that song is great. even i'm not a fan of anything related to korea at all, but that song, is very very great

  2. yap! i know u can feel that song :) great beautiful song, where we can get them in our country right? sampai ada yang mengaku m-pop pulak.

  3. m-pop tu hal lain. urgh. nak muntah pikir pasal dorang tuh. -.-