Friday, 16 September 2011

Study week just begin

Study week just begin in my campus and as well in all UiTM campus around Malaysia, so during study week, a lot of things we can do, maybe some people choosed to study 24 hours, or do something fun to 'realease their tension' , in fact, as a students sure we feel tension, bunch of report we should submit, other assignment, and many things to do, so for my study week i choose to follow my coursemate to realease some tension! i went to Gunung Jerai, and Kolam air panas at Baling Kedah, pictures tell everythings :-

before start our journey

its cool man

at the Peak of the mountain

1200m from sea level

Yes 974m from sea level

BBQ at Baling Hot Spring

Okay, enough! continue be nerd and start revision, after final, lets have some fun again brahhh! :D

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