Sunday, 2 October 2011

Hello October.

Hello October and say Good bye to September, should we see each other again ? yes sure, maybe we still exist on September 2012 before the end of the mayan calendar. ops, its ridiculous okay. October just begin, what should i do in this month? yes i love october. Sem's break dude! Should i find a temporary job for fulfill my free times during this holiday? eh, forgot to say, until 9 oct, i still not holiday yet, last paper on that day -.-' almost 2 months without classes is a long period u know, nothing to do, no work, no money. Scholarship money? nothing left in my pocket, erghh, too much i spent maybe? but i think this semester i didn't often go out but just once, study? as usual, last minute, since 1st sem talk about dean list, but no effort at all? useless. For this holiday, any plan? -.-' hang out with friends, go to enjoy myself, event? i need moneyy! yes i need money! help me.

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